The Reason why Small Fiat Cars are so cheap to insure

The cost of your car insurance is going to depend in large part on what kind of car you drive. In many cases you would be surprised at which are the expensive cars to insure and which are the cheap ones. However in most cases the reasons are pretty obvious. This is the case with Fiat’s. As small practical cars that are normally used as basic transportation by older drivers they tend to be quite affordable to insure.

The main reason that you can get cheap car insurance for a Fiat is that they are very inexpensive cars. In most cases the biggest difference from one car type to another when it comes to the cost of insuring them is the cost of repairing the car if it gets damaged. Since this is quite inexpensive with the Fiat the cost to the insurance company is fairly low. This gets passed on to you in the form of lower insurance premiums.

500 fiatAnother reason that a Fiat is so cheap to insure is that they are really quite safe cars, even the small Fiat 500. They have a number of safety features that are designed to prevent the car from getting into an accident. Since the less likely that a car is to be in an accident the less it will cost to insure. This saving is largely passed on the consumer. Even if the Fiat does get into an accident because it is so small there is a very definite limit to the amount of damage that can be done which also tends to reduce the payout the insurance company has to make.

Owning a small Fiat also demonstrates a certain level of practicality that also lowers the cost of insuring the car. Insurance companies love drivers who they view as being responsible people. In the case of drivers of the Fiat most people who choose it are doing so because it provides a practical means of getting from point A to point B. Since this makes it less likely that you are going to be out cruising in your Fiat there is less likely that it will be involved in an accident.

One last reason that it is usually cheaper to insure a small Fiat is that they are not exactly a popular choice amongst car thieves. These days the likelihood that your car will get stolen is a major factor in determining the cost of the insurance. Since there is not a huge demand for stolen Fiats this tends to keep the cost down to insure them. That being said you do still have to be cautious and make sure that you take steps to protect your car. Thieves will still any car if it is easy for them. A good security device will really go a long way to bringing the cost your car insurance down even farther.