Getting Smart with Buying Cheap Infant and Convertible Car Seats

August 15th, 2017

When it comes to taking good care of the little ones and keeping them safe, you can assure that parents will surely do all the best they can to obtain the appropriate equipment for them. However, when it comes to safe traveling, is it really smart to purchase cheap infant and convertible car seats to begin with? Well, there is no harm in searching for low-cost baby equipment as long as what you will opt for is the one that’s right for the child who will be using it.

Cheap for Baby

If you’re looking into buying the convertible ones for an infant, you’ll absolutely find great deals which can be utilized not only by newborns but toddlers as well. It’s definitely an economical choice to obtain these convertible seats as they will save you money from buying two separate seats to match the recommended seat for your child when the baby grows.

  • Throughout your search you may find some convertible branded options that may be a bit pricey than that of the ordinary seats.
  • Don’t you worry, as there surely find cheap infant and convertible car seats that will fit your budget and make you and your child enjoy traveling anytime you want.

Now, since you’ll be focusing on purchasing cheap baby car seats it’s definitely a must to consider what will be your basis in finding the cheap ones. If you’re to focus on the pricing of these seats, then you’ll have to consider just the basic needs of your child. However, if you’re looking into getting the extras then you’re probably get hold of the more pricey brands available in the market today. Here are some brands for you to consider.

  1. Britax Roundabout G4.1

    This is one of the budget car seats that you can get hold for your child. What you’ll enjoy about this seat is that you can also obtain some of the excellent features you are looking for in a convertible seat such as its suitable weight range and safety LATCH system.
  2. Safety 1st Grow and Go

    This 3-in-1 seat is one of the popular choices nowadays because of its wide variety of features and a valuable price for those who are trying to keep up with their budget. It features a reclining seat which can satisfy your child’s needs for comfort. It’s also equipped with an adjustable headrest and energy-absorbing foam for your child’s safety.
  3. Graco Contender 65

    What makes this seat unique from the other options is its positioning system for the shoulder harness which doesn’t require the usual re-threading. It also features settings for reclining and comfortable padding. This seat is absolutely one great option to look into when looking for seats that are of great value for a reasonable price.

What You Can Get from Reading Car Seat Reviews

January 20th, 2017

Are you interested in getting a car seat for your first child and you are quite undecided yet? Well, the first thing that you may look into is getting access to car seat reviews to reference on before you even make that purchase. Those who are searching for inexpensive car seats for their children for the very first time may find it somehow confusing in looking for the right one to purchase because of the various options available in stores online or offline nowadays. This is why it is a wise thing to read reviews on these products first.

Cheapest Auto Seat for Infants Evenflo Nurture Cheapest Convertible Baby Car Seat Cosco Scenera

These car seats are very essential for your newborn child’s safety that even hospitals may require you to have one installed first before even driving with the child. Now either your baby is a newborn or not, you should always keep in mind the safety of your kids. Although there are laws for car seats nowadays that needs to be followed. This should still be a precautionary measure for every adult driving with their children.

Just to make sure that you get more information you need regarding the seats you will be buying, reading infant car seat reviews will help you narrow down your choices and at the same time bring you to the best choice that will fit your budget and meet your current expectations in obtaining the best seats for your child. These reviews are mostly located on the pages of buy and sell websites who sell these seats as well as those sites which manufacture them.

When you visit these websites, you will have an idea on what the product offers, what are its features and get to know everything that is good about the product as to why you need to purchase it. The baby car seat reviews are more of an eye opening portion to tell you what other buyers think about the product themselves and what are their own experiences are when it comes to using cheap car seats.

From these reviews you can easily obtain the pros and the cons of purchasing these seats. You can also weigh in which of these seats would best suit your budget in terms of durability and added features. First time buyers of these seats may or may not have general information at hand regarding the different options available for car seats. With the help of these reviews, you can definitely narrow down your options on getting the best ones and compare their features to match what you are looking for a car seat for your child.

Baby Safety Seat: How Safe Is It?

July 5th, 2018

As a parent, one of the most important things we need to provide for our babies and children is safety. However, there are times that even if we've exerted all our efforts, there are still underlying dangers, even on things we thought will provide security to them, like a car seat.

Baby Safety Seat

These safety precautions come with numerous benefits. Thus it is required to be used by law in most countries. But still, there are also hidden dangers that some parents may not be aware. It is important to do your research first and read car seat reviews 2018 on all brands and models you are considering.

From leaving your baby in a seat for far too long to materials used on its manufacturing that may be harmful to your kids, here are some of the most common hidden dangers.

How much time your baby spends in the seat.

We all know that it is not a good idea for our children to stay inside any vehicle for too long. So how long is considered safe? Most experts suggest that it should not be more than 30 minutes long. There are so many possible dangers here such as curvature of your kid's spine, deprivation, and of course suffocation.

Chemicals used in the seats that may be toxic.

The purpose of these devices is to keep our kids safe. Ironically, numerous of these life-saving devices contain chemicals deemed to be harmful to babies. A test for allergens, heavy metals, lead, chlorine, and bromine created to about 150 booster, convertible, and infant safety seats shows that 60% of these contain at least one of these chemicals, and about 75% have some toxic flame retardants. There have been health problems linked to these chemicals such as impaired learning, birth deficiencies, cancer, allergies, and liver toxicity.

Improper installation.

According to inspectors of car seats, this is the most common mistake parents make. Your child's risk of getting injured is a lot higher when these devices are either too loose or not tight enough. To test for a secure fit, hold its base and shake it firmly in different directions. You shouldn't be able to move the child safety seat more than an inch forward, left or right. Make sure to put all your weight when tightening both the seat and the seatbelt. Always remember that if it's too loose, your little one can easily get serious injuries during a collision when he or she hits the back of your vehicle's front seat.

Leaving your baby to sleep.

Leaving your baby to sleep for a long time in a position in which they are in on a car seat may cause harm to their physical development. Moreover, they should not be left unattended even if they are awake. Keep in mind that these are intended for car rides and not for sleeping.

You children’s clothes.

winter clothes

We should also be aware of the types of clothes our babies will wear as they could hinder their safety when placed in the seat. There are items of clothing like thick jackets, winter coats or bodysuits which can have a massive impact on the tightness of the harness when fastened.

Using or buying second-hand.

Having a new baby is very costly and can hurt our budget, but using any second-hand and not knowing how past owners used is not safe at all. Most of the time you will not be able to tell if there are any damages or if it was involved in an accident. Also, even if the previous owner is someone you know, there are still concerns about bacteria that you need to consider. Your baby will have the most contact with cushioned supports, and this is always the area most affected by bacteria. There are numerous quality cheap car seats available out there that you can check out which are safer.

What is a Facebook Rating and Where to Buy 5 Star Ratings

May 20th, 2017

Are you using Facebook to achieve popularity online? Well, we are all aware of how popular these social networking sites are nowadays and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using them for marketing or gauging your popularity on the net. However, to achieve such push on your presence online via this platform, there’s a need for you to get more understanding on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Facebook pages get’s ranked not just because they exist online and have been created for a specific purpose. These pages are ranked because they are being rated by the public and this is what you need to discover to know what’s in it for you.

Discover More about Facebook Ratings

If you newly own a page on Facebook and you want to get popular as easy as possible, you’re probably wondering what is a Facebook rating and where to buy 5 star ratings if it’s even a possibility right? Well, let’s talk about the ratings first.

Ratings are received by your page once it has been available for the public to see. Now, the star rating will basically pertain to the average number of all the ratings that you get from those who have viewed and reviewed your Facebook page. Take note that the only way that your audience can rate your page is if you allow to share the page with them and if reviews are allowed on that page. It’s not that hard to give a rating on the page however there are certain privacy policies to be applied as per reviewers.

Through ratings and reviews, your page has now an opportunity to reach other people who may be interested in what you’re offering online. Either it’s a product, service or just for pure entertainment and popularity, you can now simply have your audience engage in what you want to share online.

Where and Why Buy Facebook 5 Star Ratings

buy facebook ratings Now, if you were to use your Facebook page as a marketing tool or for you to be able to promote your business, you certainly would like to get the best star rating your page as well as excellent reviews. In order for you to accomplish your goals, you will definitely need help from the experts.

You can absolutely obtain access to service providers online where you can purchase Facebook star ratings to help you with marketing and promoting your very own business. Such providers are capable of giving their customers live support seven days a week. Those who have bought Facebook 5 Star Rating on business page were able to successfully gain more social presence as compared to their competition. Through this you can successfully promote your business and your brand in just a matter of time.

New Panda 4×4 and Miss Italia hits the catwalk in Paris for Fiat

October 12th, 2012

During the Mondial de l’Automobile this year, Fiat presented the new models of their Panda lineup that includes Natural Power, Trekking, and 4×4 models. The cars did not go to the show alone as the lovely Giusy Buscemy, Miss Italia 2012, from Sicily joined the new vehicles. Fiat happens to be a major sponsor of the pageant and the Panda is its official car.

The Miss Italia beauty entered the catwalk aboard the new Panda 4x4in Paris that was put up at the Fiat stand. The Fiat Panda 4×4 is claimed to be the only 4WD in its segment. The Panda 4×4 differs from the regular Panda with its permanent AWD system using electronic couping, two differentials, Electronic Stability Control, and Electronic Locking Differential.

The Panda 4×4 also has a different suspension system that makes the ride higher than the regular Panda. It also has a MacPherson set up in front and interconnected layout on the rear that utilizes a torsion beam. Fiat also throws in some styling elements like protective plates underneath the car’s bumpers, new rims, and plastic surrounds for the exterior. Inside, the designers make use of unique upholstery and a green frame surrounding the dashboard.

The all wheel drive Fiat Panda has two engine options. Buyers can either get a TwinAir Turbo 0.9L petrol engine that gives out 84 horses or a MultiJet II 1.3L diesel engine that outputs 74hp. The other two new models of the Panda that were also unveiled in Paris are the Trekking and the Natural Power. The Trekking also makes use of the new design used for the 4×4 but retains the FWD configuration as the regular model. The Natural Power gets a dual fuel setup and can run n either petrol or methan.

Welcome to the website. From the latest car reviews to the best deals available right now on the market, we have everything for people interested in Fiat cars. The sleek Italian design is enough to attract anyone wether this is for new or used cars. We aim to be first on the scene with all the most up-to-date Fiat news.

Fiat previews small crossover 500X

July 11th, 2012

Fiat-500XThe 500X by Fiat is set to go on sale in Europe in about two years and in North America shortly after. Olivier Francois, the brand’s global topman, showcased a full-size model of the crossover during a media lunch of the 500L in Turin last week.

The 500X will take the place of the Fiat Sedici. Just like its sibling, it will have the styling of a hatchback and SUV. The 500X is the fifth offering of the brand under the 500 line. It joins the 500 Abarth, 500L minivan, 500C convertible, and the 500 3-door hatchback.

The 500X is the longest member of the lineup measuring 4,200 mm in length. The crossover will also make use of the wider architecture similar to the one used by the 500L minivan.

The car manufacturer plans to start the production of the 500X by December 2013. This will happen as they pour in a billion euros to expand their facilities in Mirafiori so it can handle the production of about 280,000 units every year.

Most likely, the Fiat 500X will be sharing the production line with its cousing B-SUV by Jeep. The sister model from Jeep is still under a code name but it is set to get a go by 2014. The B-SUV is set to be positioned as a smaller member of the lineup just below the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot. This vehicle will be sold in Europe, United States, and other international markets.

If all plans go well, the 500X will be the first model of the 500 lineup that will be manufactured in Italy. The 30door hatchback is assembled in Poland to serve the European market, while the units for China and America are all done by Chrysler in their factory in Mexico.

The 500X will have an all-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive variant. The B-SUV by jeep is expected to have a trail-rated variant that will be a must for the U.S. release. The Italian carmaker will end its ties with Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki which is responsible for the produciton of Sedici and the counterpart Suzuki SX4 in Hungary.

The 500L will hit European showrooms by September this year. North American Consumers will have to wait until the second half of 2013. The 500L will be manufactured in Fiat’s Kragujevac facility in Serbia.

Fiat, to Introduce the Viaggio in China

April 23rd, 2012

fiat-viaggioThe Fiat company is set to launch its compact sedan called the Viaggio during the Beijing Auto Show this year. Originally, the car is slated to be in the market by the end of the year but they have decided to push for an earlier release by making t available to China’s consumers by July.

To produce this car in China, Fiat will be working with the Guangzhou Automobile Group, and it is exceedingly important for this team up to work. This is because the company is planning to go beyond its European clientele. Sales in Europe are forecasted to decline again this year, and it has been declining for the past five years. Fiat can’t afford to be insular.

On the other hand, car sales in China have been increasing and sales are projected to grow more by at least 8% this year. Should Fiat launch the Viaggo successfully in China, they might yet be able to get a sound foothold on the world’s largest growing economy. It must be noted that Fiat hasn’t been visible in China since its 2007 collaboration with Nanjing Automotive. This proved to be a failure.

The Viaggio is not a new model. Rather, it is a rebadged version of the Dodge Dart. The cars are set to be produced in the Changsa Economic Zone in Hunan where the Ghuanzhou Company opened a new factory. The partner companies are targeting making 140,000 cars a year, and eventually let this grow to 250,000 cars in a year. The engines in these cars will be manufactured in China, but will hold Fiat’s 1.4 liter gasoline design.

If the sedan is a success, Fiat also plans to release a hatchback version of the Viaggo in the country. This car will then be exported to Europe and is slated to replace the Bravo. The Bravo wasn’t very successful because consumers found it too slow.

Fiat announces pricing for 2012 500 Abart, starts at $22,700

January 16th, 2012

2012-Fiat-500AbarthA small car like the 2012 500 Abarth by Fiat which gives out 160 horsepower does not necessarily mean a cheap tag price even if you have the European equivalent of Chevrolet as its carmaker. The lowest sticker on this car shows $22,000 exclusive of charges for handling and destination.

The new 500 Abarth is about $6,500 more expensive than the 101 hp Fiat 500 but it also raises brows cause it nears the tag price of the 2012 Genesis Coupe of Hyundai which gives out 210 hp and has a tag price of only $22,250. It also can be comparable to the 305 horsepower Mustang V6 by Ford fo $22,310.

The Fiat representatives of course will say everything to pacify the negativity surrounding the tag price, and they do this by pointing to the Italian heritage of the 500 Abarth. It should be clear though that while Fiat hails from Italy like the Ferrari, they are pears and apples that you can easily distinguish.

The 500 Abarth though has enough attitude to help pump some adrenaline into your system without causing a six-figure deduction from your bank account for an Italian ride.

Fiat though maybe looking into snatching some buyers of small GTIs as the price of the Mini Cooper S that produces 181 hp is pegged at $23,800.

The most potent Abarth 500 that will roll out in the will have a 1.4L turbocharged powerplant that gives out 160 hp while revving at 5,500 rpm. Peak torque is 170 lb-ft achieved from 2,500 thru 4,000 rpm. The power of the engine is transferred to the wheels via a manual gearbox with 5 speeds equipped with TTC or Torque Transfer Control system.

Fiat's are known for being great value, and that shows when you're getting a car insurance quote too. A Fiat 500 is around 25% cheaper than a Mini Cooper to insure, yet it's more pretty (ok, ok, opinion!). Anyway, great value still!

Fiat 500 bags minicar category tops safety rating of the IIHS

October 21st, 2011

Fiat 500 2002 EditionThe 2012 edition of the Fiat 500 passed thru several hurdles this week and wins the nod of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety after besting all cars in the minicar category crash test.

The safety award goes to the Fiat 500s that rolled out of the car plants after July this year as the structure of the driver seat was modified to enhance occupant protection during rear-end and frontal collisions.

The announcement is also an added assurance to consumers who might be thinking if their money is worth it and if the car goes beyond the fuel savings it promises. The 4-cylinder, 1.4L engine of the Fiat 500 linked with its 6-speed automatic gearbox has a fuel mileage of 27 miles per gallon while cruising around the city traffic while it gets a 34 mpg if you are on the highway. The current price for unleaded gasoline is currently averaging at around $3.47 as of this week.

The IIHS has only given their thumbs up for stop afety for the Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500 in the minicar category.

The new Fiat 500 will also be one among other cars which will be subjected to a crash test by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA. The agency has been following a safety rating program using a 5-star system to gauge a vehicles safety.

The safety accomplishment of the Fiat 500 came with a good headliner on leading newspapers in the United States saying that J. Lo’s booty is safe with the Fiat 500 following the lines of their high profile marketing push tapping the services of singer-actress Jennifer Lopez.

Fiat makes a comeback with Fiat 500 launch [with video]

August 18th, 2011

An impressive marketing campaign goes hand-in-hand with the launch of a best car seat model. However, if we’re about the launch of a new model from a car maker that has been missing in action from the spotlight for more than one decade, everyone’s eyes is sure to be glued to the brains and efforts of the marketing team that will lead the brand’s reentry and the model’s launch.

Italian carmaker Fiat has just recently made its reentry into the United States market through the launch of two models—the 500 and 500C Convertible whose tagline reads “Simply More.” According to the press release materials, the tagline “Simply More” pertains to the school of thought that one’s self expression can make life rich and full. Moreover, it also reflects the saying that the “simple things” in one’s life can be considered treasures such that the new model, Fiat 500, has everything you need.

Fiat 500’s new tag line “Simply More” sounds, well, simple. It sure helped that someone from the marketing team explained the though behind its simplicity that added to its fine flair. Moving on, the marketing team behind the carmaker’s re-entry alongside the launch of its two new models is working vigorously to make this crucial marketing campaign come to life through above the line and below the line advertising. We are all expecting to see the tagline pop up in most social networking and digital ads and events and of course, on television as the brand recently aired its first TV commercial. Here’s a short clip of that ad:

Goodwood Festival: Fiat to exhibit Gucci designed 500 and 21.7L Metfistofele

July 1st, 2011

Fiat puts the spotlight on the famous 21.7L Mefistofele at the Goodwood Speed of Festival which kicks off today. The automobile regarded as a classic and a record breaker in its prime was based on the SB4 Corso of Fiat in 1908. The Mefistofele will be displayed at the Cathedral Paddock and marks its return to Goodwood after ten years.

The Mefistofele was the product of the hard work of Sir Eldridge and his team to make a record breaking vehicle. Eldridge used parts of a bus to stretch the chassis of the SB4 Corsa that was purchased for the product.. He also made use of a modified six cylinder 21.7L engine from a Fiat A12 airplane that has four carburetors and can output 320 horsepower at around 1,800 RPM.

The Mefistofele actually got its name from the smoke and bangs that came during the testing of the vehicle. On July 12 in 1924, the Mefistofele became the fastest car in the world that time pegging its top speed at 234.980 kilometers per hour. The car was bought by Gianni Agnielli, owner of Fiat, in 1964. The car was restored thru the years and it is now in tip top shape and is part of the wonderful car collection of the car manufacturer.

Fiat will also display the Fiat 500 by Gucci which is a version with interiors and body works customized by Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, and the Style Center team of Fiat.

Fiat works on affordable city ride to replace the old Seicento

October 23rd, 2010

Aging. No appeal. These are the words that will cross your mind when you look at the Seicento by Fiat. Ofcourse, about 1 million people who rides the Seceinto will beg to disagree. The Fiat Seicento is after all a ride built for a particular purpose. It is the basic car which can get you from point A to point B.

The Seicento is equipped with a small 0.9L engine that is capable of giving out  39 horsepower. The car is not designed to win races or leave other cars behind but is a very frugal vehilce that will not hurt your pocket. And maybe, that is the secret to its success.

The Seicento is schedule for some updates and the engineers of Fiat are currently on the drawing boards to give Fiat lovers their new practical city ride. Fiat wants to keep the car as a low cost ride that does not guzzle up fuel. They plan to give the car a design overhaul though to give it a more appealing urban look.

Fiat aims to inject some features that are not usually found int he Seicento’s market segment, and hopefully attract more consumers. Fiat has no plans of releasing the new version of the Seicento in the United States.

Insiders added that the Topolino has been axed by the car manufacturer from its lineup. The Topolino is another city car designed for the upper scale of the urban market but this car did not get the green light of the Fiat bosses. The original plan was to position the Topolino under the Fiat 500 and the Panda for their developing markets and some of the high end markets of Western Europe. Fiat has already declared that the 2-cylinder Topolino will not come to the United Kingdom.

Why You Should Buy A Bike and Not A Car

June 9th, 2010

bike detailMany people like the idea of riding a motorcycle, but often they decide that they would rather drive a car. Usually they do this because they worry about the safety of riding a bike and it is a legitimate concern. However there are also plenty of good reasons that you should buy a bike and not car. There are many advantages to owning a bike that need to be considered before you write of the idea of getting one. Ultimately only you can decide if owning a motorcycle is right for you but you should have both sides of the argument before you make a decision.

The biggest reason to buy a bike and not car is that they are cheaper, both to buy and to operate. Generally motorcycles are available at a fraction of the cost of a car. Not only do you save money on the initial purchase you will save money on the cost of operation. Bikes use far less gas than a car does and given the current price of gas this can be a huge saving. It is also usually cheaper to maintain a motorcycle than a car. Bikes have fewer parts to break and the damage is usually cheaper to repair.

You can also save money with a bike because it is cheaper to insure. The largest expense when insuring a vehicle is liability coverage. You can potentially do a lot more damage to somebody else than you can to yourself and you can almost guarantee that if you cause an accident you are going to get sued. The advantage of a bike is that any damage you do will be much less than that caused by a car. The rider of a bike is far more likely to get hurt in an accident than anybody else, since that isn’t covered by liability insurance it’s not an issue for the insurance company. Therefore they are willing to insure bikes for less than cars, especially in the UK where Carole Nash is famous for insuring bikes for close to nothing!

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Fiat working on an 80g/km entry level hybrid engine

June 5th, 2010

Fiat engineers and designers are working on an entry level hybrid powerplant that may bring down the carbon dioxide emission levels of their petrol dependent city cars to 80 grams for every kilometer.

The concept hybrid powertrain matches the upcoming dual clutch transmission of Fiat and their new TwinAir 900cc turbo 2-cylinder petrol engine.

The engineers of Fiat were able to come up with a working design so they can integrate the electric motor to the body of the transmission. The small motor that relies on a battery pack will be able to turn the shaft and gears of the gearbox so it can run the car while the petrol engine is in idle.

The hybrid set up will most likely be offered as option for the upcoming Panda and the 500. It might also find its way into the design of the future Puntos.

The function of the small hybrid setup will be to power the vehicle from idle and jack up the torque at the low end revs while the turbo spools up.